Sarah Dupont (サラ・デュポン) is the main singer of Kaleido Stage from the United Kingdom, as well as the building manager where everybody lives. She is also a avid fan of martial arts.

Appearance Edit

Sarah has long blond wavy hair and brown eyes, she is most of the times seen in her martial arts clothes when she is training. She might seem to clean up pretty nice when she goes to sing on Kaleido Stage, but she hides her nun-chucks in her sleeves of her costume.

Season One Edit

Sarah had made her first appearance when Sora had open up the door of Sarah's apartment, that Sora had avoid Sarah flying towards her.

Relationships Edit

Kalos EidoEdit

Sarah is well acquainted with Kalos and has been with Kaleido Stage since the beginning, when Kalos and Sarah performing on the street with their other friend 'Andy'.

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