Ryoku Naegino (苗木野 力) is Sora's uncle that took Sora in when her real parents passed away shortly after seeing Kaleido Stage's performance of Alice in Wonderland. He loves Sora with all his heart and treats her as his own child.

Appearance Edit

He has short brown hair.

Season one Edit

He was both very worried about Sora leaving to join Kaleido Stage, but he allowed her to go in the end. Sora's uncle first appeared when he came to see Sora during the time Cinderella was playing. He saw how difficult things were for Sora and was almost certain that she should have come home with him. He suffers from a heart attack and Sora rushes to his side despite her time on stage coming filled with tears. After seeing how much Sora loves the stage, he leaves her behind when he returns.

New wings Edit

He appears again when Sora returns to Japan after the Circus Festival and is always seen during the final episode of both seasons like Manami.

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