Mute( ミュート) and his partner Alice are two performers Sora met in France during New Wings. He was also a competitor in the Circus Festival, wanting to win the festival so his performing group, made of him and his friends, to be acknowledged. During Sora's time training with Yuri for the Angel's Maneuver, Sora continued to believe Mute is her friend. But that belief was shattered after she saw Mute and Alice steal their performance, their outfits and go on to perform before them. But their maneuver failed and it ended with Mute being injured. However, he and Alice reappears when Sora is performing in Swan Lake, watching her performance. They are moved by Sora's Angel Maneuver and end up performing together again on Kaleido Stage. After this, it's unknown whether Mute and Alice are still Sora's friends.

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