Mr. Kenneth (Mr.ケネス) is one of the people who invested in Kaleido Stage before the start of the series.

Appearance Edit

He's seen as an old man with a long nose, black suit and hat while walking with a cane.

Season one Edit

Like Kalos, he too saw interest in Sora after she joined Kaleido Stage. He first appeared when he insisted Sora be the leading role in The Little Mermaid. After seeing how Sora did, Mr. Kenneth saw her potential as a performer. He also chooses Sora to be Layla's partner for the Arabian Nights performance, stating he'd double their budget if she got the part. She especially surprised him when he came to watch Sora and Layla's audition for the performance. During Yuri's time controlling Kaleido Stage, he stayed loyal to the company despite everyone else bailing out. He goes to see Sora when she is training in the Grand Canyon for the Legendary Great Maneuver with Layla.

Season two Edit

Mr. Kenneth doesn't make much of a appearance in New Wings until Sora returns after the Circus Festival incident when he wants Sora to perform in the exhibition show alongside her friends. He is last seen watching Sora's performance in Swan Lake at the series' end.

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