Kate( ケイト) is a less seen character of Kaleido Star and is a medical doctor for the performers at Kaleido Stage. She is a long time friend of Jerry since they were kids.

Appearance Edit

She has blue eyes and long orange wavy hair.

Personality Edit

Kate is a very kind and generous person but is quite serious about her work and can be strict about making sure her patients do what she tells them to.

Season one Edit

She first appears when Sora's father was brought to the hospital and again when Sora went to Marine Park to train for Arabian Nights. She also helped Layla when she injured her shoulder while training for the Legendary Great Maneuver. She is always with Jerry when going to see Sora's shows.

New wings Edit

In New Wings, she is apart of a bank robbery and is held hostage along with Jerry. After the robbery was over, Jerry lets Kate know about how he felt about her and accepted Jerry's proposal.

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