Jean Benigni (ジャン ベニーニ) is the father of Marion Benigni and is a set designer. He helps to bring the stage to life for each of Kaleido Stage's shows by creating some of the stages where the performers perform their shows on.

Season one Edit

Jean was the one who told Sora of Marion's past when she is acting mean towards her and Sora's friends. Jean isn't really seen much but is always there for Sora and her friends when she needs it. He comments that when Sora puts her mind to something, it always finds a way of working out. He joins Marion, Johnathan, Ken and Jerry when Sora's friends form Freedom Lights after Yuri takes over Kaleido Stage.

New wings Edit

Jean showed Marion her mother's performance journal, which helped inspire her to perform on the Children's Stage. He is a good friend of Kalos. He also had a wife named Cynthia, who was not only Marion's mother, but a trampoline star on Kaleido Stage. She died, before the series began, because of a stage incident and it left Marion very hurt inside. But being with Sora helped Marion recover, something that made Jean happy to see.

Mirai no tsubasa Edit

In first chapter of Kaleido star: New wings is said that Mia and Jean are married.

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