Donna is an ex-Kaleido Stage performer that gave birth to Sora and Layla's dreams of joining the company. Sora and Layla first saw her as Alice from Alice in Wonderland when they were children. She doesn't really appear until New Wings when Sora is having difficult times with the Angel's Maneuver. Sora meets Donna in her new life job, a dog trainer. She shows Sora that even when the performers at the Circus Festival all seem cruel and mean, they all have angel hearts inside, but they are hidden by all the competition. These words helped Sora bring her stage to life during Swan Lake. She returns again to see Sora perform in the final episode of the series.

Informations Edit

  • Age: unknown
  • Gender: Female
  • Home: America
  • Friends: Sora Naegino

       Appears in episode: 47

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