Anne Passel( アンヌ パッセル) is the mother of Rosetta Passel, her diabolo teacher as well as Rosetta's agent. She made an offscreen appearance in Rosetta's debut episode, speaking to her on the phone after Kalos was going to end her contract with Kaleido Stage. She didn't fully appear until Rosetta's return episode in New Wings. She came to Kaleido Stage after Rosetta ran away from home to join the company, knowing for sure that is where Rosetta went. After chasing her to the empty stage (with Sora, Ken, Kalos and Jerry), her true identity beyond Rosetta's agent was revealed and she tried to reason with Rosetta to just let her chance to rejoin the Kaleido Stage cast go. But Rosetta then told her mother everything about Kaleido Stage that made her want to join them, including her feelings about seeing Sora and Layla perform The Legendary Great Maneuver, causing her to see Rosetta differently. Her decision of letting Rosetta join Kaleido Stage was settled after she saw Sora and Rosetta laughing together, remembering Kaleido Stage is where Rosetta truly smiled again. While she did fear that Rosetta would become a machine again, she was confident that Rosetta wouldn't have that chance again, probably since Sora mentioned earlier that she wouldn't be able to since she'd probably go through hard times and even want to cry. After asking Kalos to care for Rosetta and makes sure to pay her regular "diabolo performance" fee, she blows a kiss to Rosetta and left. She returned in the series' finale, amazed to see Rosetta performing trapeze in Swan Lake.

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