Alan Reuben (アラン ルーベル) is a former teacher of trapeze artists, with his last students being Leon and Sophie. Alan was known to have taught some of the greatest performers before he retired.

Appearance Edit

He has short brown hair.

Season two Edit

In his debut appearance, Alen has been stopping by an old student of his to ask him for more money (his automatic response was so that he could buy more alcohol). Rosetta meets Alan and hounds him to teach her trapeze. At first, he turns her down thinking Kaleido Stage is slipping for hiring someone like Rosetta, but he agrees to after seeing Rosetta's diabolo skills and she makes him take back what he said. He is the one that tells Sora and her friends the truth about Sophie. Prior to the series' start, Sophie and Leon's parents had died and they never seem to get along with their relatives. When he had came to ask to take Leon and Sophie in as students, he says they were eager to give them up. Through training, he saw Leon had weak upper body strength and could easily recognize Sophie as the better sibling. He trained Leon rigorously with exercises such as juggling steel balls. When Alen saw that Sophie could be capable of performing the Angel's Maneuver, he started working her harder than ever, even to the point that Sophie couldn't continue during a live performance. Leon then breaks their bond with Alen and takes his little sister. Alan is seen in the audience of Kaleido Stage's Swan Lake applauding.

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